Saturday, January 28, 2006

Breakfast Klub

He: We first noticed this place because people line up outside the door waiting to get in on Saturday mornings. Today we stood in line for about 30 minutes to see what this is all about. We were rewarded with a very nice breakfast consiting of a waffle with strawberries, eggs and sausages. The sausages were a lot less greasy than normal and the coffee was pretty decent too. Amazingly the food appeared only a few minutes after we ordered. While I don't think it was worth standing in line for half an hour, I did enjoy the food. Weekdays are supposed to be less crazy and if you don't mind getting up early, the wait before 9 am is supposed to be short. I am planning to go back on a weekday and try some of their southern combinations. The waffle and wings looked good and so did the french toast. For coffee I'll stick with Cafe Artiste's Kenya blend, at least until I find something better.

She: We ended up standing in line to try out the Breakfast Klub (3711 Travis, Houston, TX) primarily because I had a hankering for waffles. Since we didn't know of any place off the top of our heads that served waffles, we looked up some places on B4-U-Eat. The reviews for BK were glowing, and the address reminded me that we'd driven past BK several times before and had seen a line of people wrapping around the building, waiting to get in. We decided to check it out.

Like He, I'm not sure that the quality of the food is worth standing in the line. One woman came out of the restaurant while we were still standing in line and said rapturously, "It's well worth the wait." I don't know if I would necessarily agree with her, but I did enjoy the breakfast very much. The waffle came out covered with strawberry slices and powdered sugar and was quite tasty (if a bit smaller than what I had been hoping for). The biscuit (which I got in lieu of meat (sausage, bacon, ham, or turkey)) was also very good, although I think the biscuits from Cafe Artiste (1601 W Main Street, Houston, TX) are still the best I've had in Houston so far.

The meal was good. Probably worth waking up a little early for to avoid standing in the line. Next on the to-try list are the French toast and pancakes.


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