Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sinh Sinh

He: To round out a weekend of gluttony, we had dinner at Sinh Sinh (9788 Bellaire, Houston, TX) today. I am not sure exactly which flavor of Asian cuisine this was supposed to be, but it didn't really matter. Both the Seafood Claypot with XO Sauce and the Sizzling Beef were good. The seafood was fresh and the sauce was light enough not to overpower its flavors. The beef was tender and not overcooked as is frequently the case with sizzling anything plates. It also came with a sauce that complemented its flavor. Towards the end of the meal the sauce flavors had soaked into the meet to make the last few bites the best. Perhaps one of the few negatives was that the restaurant looked and sounded like a cafeteria. Still, at $30 for two including tip I consider this dinner a bargain.

Today is the Chinese New Year. We had dinner early, which turned out to be a lucky choice. The restaurant sponsored a Dragon Dance to greet the new year. Three or four dragons put on a great show accompanied by two drummers. Part of the dance was on dinner plate size platforms mounted on 6 foot stilts. The heads of the dragons had controls to flap the ears and close the eyes, which they used to good effect. It was a great show.

She: I also thought Sinh Sinh was good, although similarly I was not sure what type of Asian cuisine it was supposed to be. Both dishes were tasty and the slices of beef and seafood (like squid and scallops) were generously sized and (in my opinion) of very decent quality. I also liked the sauces which, as He says, were flavorful but not overwhelming. The rice was of fairly good quality--not the best rice, but also clearly not the cheapest that you'll get at some of the more budget Asian restaurants. I would like to go back and try more of their dishes.

My only personal caveat is that Sinh Sinh is a bit of a distance away and it's possible to get a similarly enjoyable meal closer and at a slightly less expensive price. Going out to Sinh Sinh will more likely than not be a special trip.


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