Monday, February 06, 2006

Salt Creek

He: So we went skiing in Colorado last weekend. Unfortunately this is supposed to be about food, so I can't write about the delicious fluffy powder in which I took a good long tumble or the tart breeze that was chilling us on the lifts. I can, however, write about dinner at the Salt Creek (110 E Lincoln Ave, Breckenridge, CO). We selected this restaurant primarily because it didn't have a 1 to 2 hour wait on Friday night. Arguably this is not the best way to pick a restaurant, but if a person is hungry enough, priorities can shift.

The menu offered authentic Texas BBQ among many other less appealing choices. I went for it even though I had some misgivings about it. BBQ is hit and miss even here in TX. I got the three meat plate with beef brisket, sausages, and ribs. The brisket and the sausages were adequate to satisfy the bodily needs of hungry skiers, but I think anyone with a normal appetite would find them disappointing. The ribs offered a great variety of undesirable properties. To begin with, I needed a serrated knife to separate them. There wasn't very much meat on each rib. The bulk of the volume was taken up by fat, and what little meat there was turned out to be chewy and rather tasteless. Maybe after a full day of skiing I would have eaten them, but a half-day didn't provide enough motivation.

Learn from our mistake: If you want to eat in Breckenridge on a Friday night, MAKE A RESERVATION WELL IN ADVANCE!

She: Salt Creek is certainly no Salt Lick (Austinites will know what I'm talking about). I guess one can't expect much when one is promised "Texas style barbecue" in Colorado, but even with this caveat in mind, the Salt Creek did not meet expectations. Although portions were substantial, the chicken was fairly dry and the barbecue sauce nothing to write home about. In a pinch, a plate of the brisket and sausage would probably be best in terms of flavor and portion size. I wouldn't recommend trying the chicken or turkey.


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