Wednesday, March 22, 2006

La Griglia

He: Another dinner at a Landry's Restaurant and another pasta dish that was perfectly all right, but failed to excite me. I don't remember the name of the dish, but basically it was pasta, chicken and peas in a creamy sauce. It was reasonably well done in a bland institutionalized way. This is the kind of food one forgets as one walks out the restaurant. The tiramisu I had for dessert was equally uninspiring. I am convinced that Landry's sells the same dish at all of their restaurants and just rebrands it to match the theme of the location. Really the only part of the meal that stood out at all were the pizza bits in the bread basket. Those were quite good and an unexpected treat.

Compared to the Landry's in Kemah, the portions at La Griglia (2002 West Gray, Houston, TX) are smaller and the service was a little sketchier. Of course they were rather busy, which may account for it. Pricing is about the same. We spent $110 plus tip for dinner and dessert for three and a $35 bottle of wine. The price seems acceptable, but there are more memorable places to eat for the same amount of money.


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