Monday, April 17, 2006

Bombay Bistro

She: We ordered take-out from Bombay Bistro (10710 Research Blvd, Suite 126, Austin, TX) so long ago that I can't remember what we got! I know we had one lamb and one chicken dish, and I think one was a paneer and one was . . . something else? I can't remember! But at any rate, He and I were relatively unimpressed with the food, so the main thing worth remembering is that Bombay Bistro shouldn't be our first (or even the fifth or tenth) choice for a meal.

The sauces that came with the dishes were relatively tasty, but they were quite oily. The cuts of the meat were also dubious--somewhat gristly, fatty, or both. We were pretty hungry when we ordered from Bombay Bistro, so it was a perfectly adequate meal, but I don't think we would have found the meal as satisfying under other circumstances.

We've had better Indian food, although not necessarily in Austin. It's not necessary to visit Bombay Bistro again.

He: There is something about this shopping center that encourages less than delectable food. The Brick Oven is not up to par for Italian food (and that includes the pizza as we recently determined) and Bombay Bistro a few doors down is definitely not worth a second visit. We tried the chicken and a mystery meat that was supposed to be lamb. When I started eating I was very hungry and didn't care much about the food quality, but about half way through the meal I realized that the chicken was a much older vintage than I would prefer. The other dish was not much better. There really isn't much point in talking about the sauces or the preparation, which also left much to be desired. I doubt that there is any way to arrive at a good meal starting from ingredients that are uncomfortably close to going bad.


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