Monday, April 17, 2006


She: We visited Satay (3202 W Anderson Ln, Austin, TX) for a Friday night dinner after getting a recommendation out of an Austin guide book. We ordered chicken dumplings (but got vegetarian ones), yellow curry, and the DWI noodles.

I have mixed feelings about Satay based on our one meal. The vegetarian dumplings were pretty flavorless, although I thought the sauce that came on top of them was interesting. The DWI noodles were okay, but I avoided them after the initial helping mostly because I could taste the fish sauce that had been used on them. (After a wreck of a cooking experiment, I am really not a fan of fish sauce.) I'm sure someone else with no such an aversion to fish sauce might have found the noodles perfectly fine.

The thing I liked best was the yellow curry. There was a nice coconutty flavor to it, although the serving size was not quite as hearty as you'd find in other restaurants like Nit Noi or Thai Cottage in Houston--it was more curry sauce and less curry ingredients, like chicken and potato.

I think that I would be willing to give Satay another try, but for alternative Asian restaurants, it certainly didn't make as good a first impression on me as, say, Java Noodles did. I think the second visit would definitely clear up whether it should be a restaurant worth visiting regularly or not.


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