Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hank's Ice Cream

She: If you're interested in some real-deal homemade ice cream, look no further. Hank's Ice Cream (9291 Main St., Houston, TX) serves up generous styrofoam cups of great, flavorful ice cream. It's a real treat.

I had the Coffee Krunch, which was coffee-flavored ice cream with toffee bits thrown in, and it was very tasty (although a bit melty). He had Banana Pudding, which I tasted, and which I'll definitely have to get the next time--it tasted like real bananas, and had lots of vanilla wafer cookies thrown in for authenticity.

Hank's has lots of delicious-sounding flavors, including a Lemon Custard that we had recommended to us, and they get served up in regular styrofoam cups (the average coffee size) for $2.50 and larger cups for $3.50, including tax. It's a substantial amount of good ice cream for the price. I'd recommend checking it out!

He: This hole-in-the-wall ice cream place is a real find. I had the banana pudding flavor, which tends to be a difficult one to get right. Most of the time it is either too sweet or it tastes like the banana flavor came out of a bottle or both, but at Hank's it tasts just right. I wonder where they get the banana pudding, because it would probably be well worth sampling in its own right. The lemmon custard is rumored to be excellent as well. It sits right on top of my to-do list. If you are like me, very enthusiastic about eating home made ice cream, but less eager to actually do the work, go check out Hank's.


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