Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hyde Park Bar and Grill

She: I visited the Hyde Park Bar and Grill (4206 Duval St, Austin) for a working-type lunch earlier this week. I ordered a turkey burger and an order of their reputedly spectacular french fries.

All in all, I was fairly disappointed. The french fries were nothing to write home about, and they came out lukewarm. Although some had a good potato-ey heft to them, there was nothing terribly interesting about the flavor.

And I could say the same about the burger. I realize that turkey burgers never taste as good as beef burgers, but I decided to give the turkey a try, because any restaurant that can make a good turkey burger has my approval. Unfortunately, Hyde Park was unable to rise to the challenge. There was nothing to distinguish this turkey burger from any other, and the wheat bun was pretty cardboard-y.

The bill plus tip added up to about $8.50. The money would have been better spent at Barnaby's in Houston for the same kind of food.


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