Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Suzi's China Grill

He: The many years of road construction on I-10 west of Houston unclogged that section dramatically. For once I made it to Austin in time for a real Friday night dinner despite leaving Houston around 5pm. We decided to try Suzi's China Grill (7858 Shoal Creek Blvd, Austin, TX). It is a proper sit-down restaurant, but the atmosphere is a lot like Pei Wei. They offer sushi, which we did not try, and Malaysian themed Asian foods.

We ordered the Malaysian Chicken and the Basil Shrimp. The food came fairly quickly, but that was pretty much the last time we saw our waitress. Getting a second helping of rice was nearly impossible and even waving down another waitress and asking her for rice produced no measurable results. It is worth pointing out that the chairs around the table they gave us had not been wiped down and that the people who used them before us were messy eaters.

The food was better than the service. The Malaysian Chicken tasted all right, but I found the combination of curry and coconut somewhat strange. It would probably grow on me after a little more exposure. The Shrimp dish is something I would eat again. Besides basil and shrimp it was supposed to have Shitake mushroom. Upon close inspection we discovered a few, but we decided that most of the mushrooms were Portabellas. It was tasty nonetheless.

Pei Wei has better food and is somewhat cheaper, but in a pinch Suzi's will provide a decent meal at a decent price. We paid about $30 for two without alcohol. Overall Suzi's was just good enough to warrant another visit at some point.

She: I agree more or less with what He said. The shrimp and basil dish was definitely the better dish of the night; it had good flavor and a fair amount of shrimp and mushroom (unlike some "shrimp" dishes" that only have 2 shrimps). The Malaysian Chicken was fine, as well, but made less of an impression on me; I can't even clearly remember what it tasted like now.

I'd probably go to Suzi's again, but I don't think that the increase in price compared to my old Asian food stand-by, Java Noodles, is commensurate with the increase in quality/flavor. And I'd warn you that Suzi's give you teeny tiny little servings of rice. You'll probably have to ask for another helping, too. I hope it comes faster for you than it did for us.


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