Monday, June 19, 2006

Azuma II

She: Despite my initial experience at Azuma Downtown, I recently agreed to eat at another Azuma in Houston, on Kirby (5600 Kirby, Houston, TX). For comparison, I ordered the same sushi combination as before.

The verdict? The fish at the Kirby location seemed a lot fresher and the cuts of fish were definitely less skimpy than at the Downtown outfit. I was much happier with my lunch at the Kirby joint. But, you still get so much more bang for your buck at Oishii (for a lot fewer bucks, too) that I don't need to visit Azuma again.

If you're in the neighborhood of the Kirby Azuma, drive a little farther west down 59 and hit up the Oishii. Your stomach and your wallet will be much happier.


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