Thursday, June 15, 2006


She: I went to the Azuma in downtown Houston (909 Texas St., Houston) for the first time last week and was fairly disappointed. Oishii and Teppay are still the standard bearers in Houston for sushi (the former for price; the latter for quality).

I ordered one of Azuma's lunch specials, which consisted of a California roll and six pieces of sushi. The food was okay, but there was nothing wonderful about it, and the cuts of fish were awfully small, so that you felt more rice than fish in your mouth. The rice, by the way, was a bit undercooked, too, so it was somewhat harder than it really should be for sushi.

The bill for my entree added up to about $16 (partly because I substituted two pieces), but I could have gotten the same thing at Oishii for probably $10.

I also ordered the mochi for dessert, but wasn't too impressed with that, either. Someone else in the group I went with said that the mochi you can buy at Central Market ($8 for 8 pieces) is much better.

And lastly, the service was pretty bad. I went with a group of people, and it took us two hours to get in and get out. I definitely don't have to eat at Azuma again.


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