Thursday, June 15, 2006

Post Oak Grill

She: I've now eaten at the Post Oak Grill 3 times in the last 13 business days, and I am thoroughly unimpressed with this overpriced restaurant.

Because I'm trying to eat a bit more healthy, I ordered three different kinds of salads through the course of my three visits: The shrimp, crab, and avocado salad; the crab cake salad; and the Santa Fe salad. I liked the crab cake salad the best, but that's not saying very much.

The shrimp, crab, and avocado salad listing on the menu is somewhat misleading. I ordered it because I expected it to be a bed of greens with some shrimp, some lump crab meat, and slices of avocado on top. In reality it was a large pile of a chicken- or tuna-salad-esque mixture of too much mayonnaise, chopped tomato, shrimp, precious little crab, and avocado on a few pieces of lettuce. Needless to say, I was disappointed. The SCA salad is probably $15 or so.

The Santa Fe salad was not much better. I asked for grilled, rather than fried chicken, which came on top of salad greens, a few paltry tomatoes, some crumbled bacon, grated Monterey Jack cheese, and too many fried tortilla strips. The salad was fine, but it was $13 or $14, and the chicken was fairly lackluster. You can get a better salad at Barnaby's for a much better price.

I liked the crab cake salad the most, but it's still fairly disappointing. It's basically 2 crab cakes served alongside a bunch of plain salad greens. I counted on the crab cakes to lend the necessary flavor, which they did to a certain extent, but the crab cakes are certainly not the best I've ever had. They had more bread crumbs and filler stuff than a good crab cake, in my opinion, should have. Benjy's in the Rice Village has a 14-vegetable salad with crab cakes that is much better.

I think the Post Oak Grill can charge a premium for its food because it's admittedly much better than most of the alternatives available in the downtown Houston tunnels, but I wouldn't eat there by choice if I had to look for lunch downtown.


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