Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Shiva Indian Restaurant

He: Last weekend we went to Shiva (2514 Times Blvd, Houston, TX) for some Indian food. We ordered two of their sample dishes to get an overview of their offerings. The service was a little sketchy, but ultimately we were able to place our orders. We were seated near the kitchen, which meant a lot of traffic, but also the opportunity to watch somebody make Nan. The restaurant is decorated a little like party tent with glittery pieces of fabric hanging from the ceiling.

Our samplers included a lamb curry, various pieces of Tandori chicken, the spinach dip with the name that I can never remember, yogurt with vegetables and rice pudding for dessert. For about $30 we got more food than the two of us could eat. The meats seemed to be decent quality, but I was disappointed with the preparation. The curry sauce was watery and boring. It did nothing to enhance the flavor of the lamb. The Tandoori was overcooked and dry. The yogurt dish was pretty bland too. The high point of the meal was the rice pudding, which seemed to have to most complex flavor of any of the dishes, but there was very little rice in it and it was too liquid for my taste. In my book the Istanbul Grill in the Rice Village is still the place to go for rice pudding.

In summary, we got a reasonable dinner at a reasonable price at Shiva, but it fell far short of memorable Indian food. This is a place to go to when you are hungry enough that quantity is more important than taste.

She: The thing I remember most about Shiva is that they gave us a HUGE amount of food. All of it tasted reasonably good, but nothing was particularly spectacular. We ordered two of the samplers off the back cover of the menu.

I thought that the lamb curry we had was somewhat disappointing, primarily because the lamb was a bit gristly. The Tandoori was also indeed dry, although the spinach-and-cream dish (I can't remember its name) was tasty. The things I liked the best were the Nan (because I always like Nan), which was better and lighter than the Nan we got at Sarovar, and the rice pudding. I think that Indian rice pudding is supposed to be somewhat soupy, so the liquid-ness of it didn't bother me, but if you prefer firmer rice pudding, Istanbul Grill is definitely the place to go.

If we go back, I think I'd like to try some of their actual entrees; I'd venture to guess that those are probably better than things that they have pre-prepared to go into the sampler platter.


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