Thursday, September 07, 2006


The other night I went to Mark's (1658 Westheimer, Houston, TX) for a business dinner. I had not been in a while and was excited about eating there again. Unfortunately the meal was not as enjoyable as I expected.

The ambiente is the same as always and I even recognized our waiter from my last visit. The service was good and fast even as the restaurant filled up as the evening wore on. No complaints in this department.

I had the Duck Gumbo for starters, a Risotto Crusted Halibut for the main course and sampled various desserts. All of the food was good, but none if it lived up to my admittedly high expectations based on previous visits. The Duck Gumbo was surprisingly flavorless and I am not sure what made it a gumbo instead of just a regular soup. The halibut was good, but the risotto crusting really didn't add any flavoring to it. I was expecting an interesting juxtaposition of flavors, something out of the ordinary. Instead I got a very well prepared piece of fish and no surprises. The same held true for the desserts. All of them tasted great, but none of them were truely exceptional.

This meal at just about any other restaurant would have gotten a glowing review from me, but other meals at Mark's have raised my expectations so high, that the food didn't quite measure up this time.


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