Saturday, November 11, 2006

Glenrothes 1992

So I went to a whisky tasting yesterday and instead of bringing something good but conventional like the Oban that I always keep for emergencies, I went to a local wine merchant and asked them for an unusual scotch. In the end I got a bottle of Glenrothes, a Speyside Malt, that was distilled in 1992.

When I got to the tasting, it turned out that mine was the only duplicate bottle among maybe 30 that people had brought. While my attempt to bring something unusual clearly failed, the wiskey turned out to be wonderful. It is very mild with complex flavors and low on peat and at $55 fairly reasonably priced. Apparently there is something special about the batch distilled in 1992, but I don't know what. When this bottle is almost empty I'll have to get another year and do a taste test.

There were many other good shisky at the tasting, but by dumb luck I brought the one I liked the best in the end. On the opposite end of the spectrum I tried a supposedly very good Kentucky Burbon, but that just tastes like paint stripper next to any decent scotch.


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