Monday, December 25, 2006


She: We actually visited Hugo's (1600 Westheimer, Houston) about a month or more ago, so I don't recall the details of our experience there very well. I do remember, though, that this was my second visit to Hugo's and it did not improve my first impression of the restaurant.

On this second visit, we had a sampler platter of appetizers that were reasonably tasty, but not outstanding and certainly not worth making a trip for. For an entree, I had the Callo de Acha, four seared sea scallops served on top of sweet corn bread and greens with a cream sauce. I was disappointed primarily because the scallops were not particularly fresh; I've had better tasting scallops in Pei Wei, of all places. Other people in the party ordered meat dishes and appeared to be more satisfied, so if I go there again, I have a better idea of what to order.

I'm afraid I can't be more specific, but in general I think Hugo's is an okay restaurant that would not be my first choice.


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