Friday, December 29, 2006

Sushi King

She: We had an absolutely TERRIBLE experience at Sushi King this week. We won't be going back to eat there again.

It took us over two hours to get out of the restaurant because the service was nonexistent. The manager actually took our initial order and botched it, leaving off half the sushi we ordered. It then took ages for our food to show up, even though the restaurant was not busy on a Tuesday night. They also had no pickled ginger for anyone at the restaurant. And, it took forever to flag down a waiter to 1) refill the soy sauce bottle at the table, which was practically empty when we first got there; 2) correct the order that the manager messed up; 3) get the rest of our food and any refills on water and green tea; 4) get the check when we were ready to leave. Every interaction we had with the wait staff was terrible.

I might have forgiven such lapses in service if the restaurant had been busy, but it was a Tuesday night and the place was half empty. Although the sushi was decent, the service was so bad that it's just not worth going to this outfit. There are much better sushi places in Houston that will give you the same quality of sushi for a better or comparable price, with much better service (see, e.g., Teppay or The Fish; see also Oishii). We had an absolutely awful experience at Sushi King and won't eat there again.

Never again! We went to Sushi King (3401 Kirby, Houston, TX). I had eaten there three times before and thought it was safe to take clients there, but I was mistaken. We were seated promptly, but that is where the decent service ended. The manager took our orders, or at least attempted to do so.

When the food arrived about 40 minutes and several inquiries later, we got the sushi, but not the rolls we had ordered. While waiting for the food we had to beg for water and tea refills multiple times. To top it all off, the restaurant had run out of ginger. How can you run out of ginger? It isn't exactly persihable. It should be possible to keep a decent supply on hand.

The sushi actually was pretty good. Good enough in fact that we negotiated with the wait staff to receive the rest of our order: three rolls. They were not worth the additional long wait. One of the rolls was a spider roll, and the most noticeable taste was that of old frying oil. The other two rolls were just bland and uninteresting.

Getting the check was nearly as difficult as getting the food. In the end we spent over two hours on what was supposed to be a quick dinner. This is only the second time that I have left a $0.01 tip to express my displeasure with the service. It was especially irritating to me, because the reason for the dinner was entertain clients, not to irritate them by bringing them to an obviously mismanaged restaurant.


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